Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun Sketches

I picked up some Faber-Castell artist pens earlier this year. They're the B's which mean brushes I guess, normal size for the various colors and big brush size for the black and greys. It's really nice working with them. They dry quickly but not too quick so you have time to smear the color if you want. And they don't bleed through the paper. The flowers are done in a 1966 Boy Scout Leader's program 4'X6" notebook that I just started to use. Yes, I began in the middle which eliminates my first page fears. I can tell you none of the ink went through to either side of the thin paper.  The downside is, my pens will now be part of the to be packed list for me but the pluses out numbers though with using something new and something very old (pens and notebook).

Below is our drawing assignment for the week. I had to stand in front of a mirror while holding onto the wall or something with my non-drawing hand. Close my non-dominate eye and draw myself on the mirror with an erasable dry pen. You'll find you'll move a lot which is why you need to hang onto something. Once done, I then transferred the image onto tracing paper using a permanent sharpie type pen. I didn't catch why we needed to do this exercise but I have to say I learned one thing...I look mean when I'm into the zone. Holy Smokes, I need to smile a little! ;) 


  1. I have some of those "brushes" in grays and black. Not sure I've gotten into them yet, but now with your encouragement I might.

    Your self portrait drawn in such an interesting way sounds a bit like patting ones head while rubbing their stomach at the same time. I think you achieved the good end result. Now you can smile.

    1. I hope you do give them a try Lynn. The more I use them the more I'm enjoying them and I'm definitely going to pack them for me trip.
      And, lol, you're right on the mirror self portrait. It was a little awkward. :)