Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Basics

I checked my calendar to see when the drawing class begins and I have one more week of waiting. I'm excited to again be with a group of people interested in sketching. My required supplies list is complete with the exception of "tape". I'm not really sure what kind so I'll carry a roll of masking tape with me for the first class. Yesterday I did some practicing with the very basic supplies, a sketch book (actually two) and a papermate silhouette 0.7mm lead pencil (with eraser). Between some unsuspecting souls, a picture of a man, the cat that wouldn't stay still and good old stand by plant I was able to exercise the right side of my brain.


  1. I can imagine your excitement at looking forward to your drawing class, I would be the same. I love joining others with the same enjoyment for drawing and painting. Hope we hear more about it. Going on your drawings here the right side of your brain is working very well.

    1. Ann, you're so sweet...thanks so much for your encouragement.