Friday, October 12, 2012

Clouds and Reflections

Yesterday in Southern California we had rain showers off and on all day long. What came with the rain was some really magnificent cloud formations. Since we haven't seen or felt either one in over 6 months, our art teacher, Steve Allan thought it would be a great time to do an exercise on painting clouds. We learned it's not so much painting them, it's more like removing them from the sky.

 After doodling around with clouds for 15 minutes Steve took us to our assignment.  He has a way of showing us what we'll be drawing while he's telling us the "story" of the picture.  Then he puts us on our own but walks around and provides valuable input or even a helping brush.  What we worked on with the second painting was reflections....from the clouds, the trees or anything else you might have added to the scene.  He really gives everyone in the class a lot of encouragement.


  1. Muy lindas acuarelas, la que más me gustó es la de las nubes los colores y las formas dan como resultado un trabajo muy interesante

    1. Thank you Beatriz for such a sweet comment.

  2. Lovely artwork with great colours. Wow, no rain for 6 months - you are welcome to some of ours (in exchange for some of that nice warm sun of course)!!!

  3. Thank you Jerry. Hey, I could use some sweater weather right now. Even though we had some lower fall type temps last week, we're back in the mid to upper 90's this week. Sure, let's swap for a week or two.