Saturday, October 20, 2012

75 Day Challenge - Day 6

Coming up are some days filled with the stuff I'm currently using. Here's my ultra lightweight watercolor pallet that I made up from other peoples ideas on the internet. It's difficult finding a tin that does not have the impressions of the name stamped into the top lid. I found this vintage sucrets tin on ebay. I chose to use full pans on the primary colors and half pans on some of my other favorite colors. You could get up to 12 different colors by using all half pans but for now, this set up is working for me. Next time I just have to remember to wait long enough for the freshly squeezed paint to set. The yellow traveled around the tin on it's first outing. Live and learn right?.


  1. Such a fun idea for a series; can't wait to see more! Colour combinations are such a personal thing and I love to see what other people are using in their set-ups.

    1. Thanks Jerry....I too love to see what other people are using. The trick for me in the travel set up was choosing which colors to put into the half pans. I had all different combos going until I settled on this one and so far, it's working out for me.