Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend In The Desert

I love driving to Palm Springs for a long weekend. We left on Friday and stayed at a different hotel since Harley was coming along (Ziggy went to his favorite Doggy Camp place to stay). I'm always amazed with the hotels that allow dogs but have a weight limit of something very small like 12 lbs. Fortunately, I found this place that had no limit plus there was a large grassy area for dogs to play and run around. Needless to say, Harley had a great time and we'll be returning to that place again I'm sure.
So first the room and below is the cabana done with water colors and ink and below is the grassy area done with water colors and my new Sharpie liquid pencil that I was trying out.

I'll be using the liquid pencil again. It erases easy, allows for highlighting, and it works well with the water. I do see some lead spotting on the drawings but not to a point where it's bothersome to me. It's another fun tool for my collection and use.

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  1. Good to see another artist who sketches where they stay, it is so nice to look back on and I find so much better than a photograph. Love these drawings and glad you enjoyed your stay.