Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the Works

 I'm enjoying working in my 6X9 spiral book. The size is just right for me right now. I also picked up a two pack, fine Sharpie black pens. The shade was slightly lighter than the Microns that I have been using so I'm testing them out with these two sketches. (they passed the water pre-test).  I'll be adding the water colors at some point but for now, I'm enjoying this stage.


  1. My first love is sketching and second, watercolor. You can buy the Faber Castell PITT artist pens and they are really nice to sketch with. Some have brush tips and some are very fine tips. I love your sketches, here. Looks like Colorado. I like the small format, here. Is it watercolor paper? Awesome, work, Jude.

  2. I always enjoyed your Studio work Pam. I need to find that link again. This is all such a new learning experience for me...different papers, pens, watercolors...it's so much fun experimenting with it all. I'll look into the Faber pens and yes, these sketches were done on Strathmore 140lb cold press for watercolors since my intentions are to add some splashes of color. Thanks for stopping and commenting Pam!